The Glimpse Painting and Print

$ 305.00

I used the Surrealist technique of letting the image arise from the paint in this one. I had the sense of peering through a cave at a light source and then moved from there, erasing and painting back again. And there was the shoulder of this figure, and it came easily from there. I am not sure if "Glimpse" means our glimpse of this figure, whether on a spiritual plane or in some ritual, or if it refers to this figure's  own glimpse of something like a moon above--a moon that is more moon-like than the moon itself.  It is when using this painting technique that I feel the most free as an artist and feel my art is most magic. The Surrealists used it to connect to the unconscious, but I feel that it is also an excellent tool for connecting to the spirit world.

This oil painting is 11 x 14"/28 x 36cm on canvas with a traditional 7/8"/2cm profile. You can hang it as is (the sides are painted) or get it framed, which would help protect the corners. The giclee print on archival paper is 11 x 14"/28 x 36cm

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